Here are the products we use and LOVE!! We wanted a way to share with all of you.
We appreciate you all!

Disclaimer: We earn a small percentage on these products shown below.

Blackstone Griddle

We love this grill! Cook steak, burgers, pancakes, eggs, hibachi, grilled veggies...and more!

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Frigidaire Ice Maker

ice maker

We love this ice maker. 

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Things we love about this unit:

  1. It's larger inside then most washer/dryer units
  2. Clothes don't get smelly when you forget about them, it tosses your clothes around occasionally.
  3. You dont need to cut a hole in your RV
  4. It's all in one, so i can put a load in, it washes and drys it!

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On-the-go Water Softener

on the go
This water softener makes a HUGE difference with our water! Campgrounds can tend to have very hard water. Hard water can be hard on your RV and also on your skin and hair.

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Propane Fire pit

propane fire pit
This is the firepit we have and we love it! Reasons why:

  1. You can put it in the Clam: to stay away from cold weather, bugs, and rain!
  2. Out West its rare you can do a real fire with wood, but you can use these!
  3. We don't have to worry about finding wood, we just use propane!

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Clam Quick Set

OBSESSED with this product!!! When you still want to hav a fire at nights with friends but its raining, cold, or buggy out...this solves all those issues!

Best part? You can put the Propane Fire pit in it!!

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Instapot Duo 7-in-1

This is great for quick dinners serves as :
  • Instant Pot
  • Crockpot
  • Airfryer- (if you get the added pressure cooker top)

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Insta Pot Air Fryer

We use this almost every single day!!!! Great for fries, tater tots, veggies, chicken nuggets, pizza and more!

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Leveling Blocks

leveling blocks
These we use everywhere we set up! You will run into many places that are unlevel sites, or you just want to protect your jack pads. We recommend 2-3 packs. 

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Sewer Hose extension

Hose extention
This one is a good quality stinky slinky ;-)

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Sewer Hose support

hose holder
This is a necessity..otherwise your poo is trying to go uphill ;-)

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Rubber Wheel Chocks

We made the mistake of plastic chocks, needless to say on our first trip out...we crushed one.

These are great! We recommend 4 total.

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Evo Flex hose

We recently found this hose and love it. We used to use the zero G but 2 of them got punctured. 

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Extended A Line cloths rack

Attach this to the back of your RV ladder to hand dry clothes and towels!

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Shoe rack

We keep this rack outside, and if it is about to rain we put under our slide, or bring inside

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Waterproof rope lights

We put these around our outdoor rugs to bring some camping vibes!

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Floating 8in shelves

We put these in our bathroom behind the toilet 

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Portable charger- built in plug and charging cords!

We LOVE this! Makes it very easy to remember to plug in and grab on the go! No need to remember where did the cords go!

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RV Bike rack

RV approved bike rack- even electric bikes! Its is VERY sturdy!!! Hold 2. We put the others inside the RV. 

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DJI Mini 3 Pro DRONE

Love this drone! No need to use your phone anymore for the screen, shoots in 4K!

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GE Dehumidifier
Take the humidity out of your RV! It works wonders!!!! Fills up at least once a day, in high humidity. 

RV Snap pads- 10% off: PEEPLES10


RV SnapPads are the World's Only Permanent Jack Pad! 

We hardly need to use leveling blocks anymore, only when its very unlevel! 

Extension Cord

Don't have enough outlets in your RV? Here is a simple solution!

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Glamp life Rug

We love these so much we have THREE! 

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DJI Mini 3 Pro Fly Kit plus

We highly recommend this if you get the DJI Mini 3

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Go Pro selfie stick and tri-pod

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Go pro shoulder strap backpack mount

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Essential Oil rack
(Nail polish holder)

This is how we store our essentials

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We highly recommend having this, it will prevent you from having blow outs!

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HALO RV Wireless Back up camera 

This one records!! We wish we had this when we were in our RV accident!! Don't regret it, like we did! 

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Garmin RV GPS

This will come in handy especially  up the East coast!! Watch out for those low bridges!!! Even RV Trip wizard cannot be trusted 100% of the time!

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Picnic Cover Table with bench covers

We love this so much!! There are so many gross picnic tables out there! Get yourself one, you will thank us!

Boondocking Gear

These are products we have found helpful while boondocking.

New Powa Solar Panels

We have 6 of these and love them! It's amazing how it pulls in so much energy and we really don't have to run our generator very often!

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Battle Born Batteries

Depending on your needs, this will vary. We have 6 and love them!

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Waste Valve

Game changer!! This is so super helpful when emptying your one wants poop on their shoes! Just ask Rob about this one!

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Aqua Tank II

This sure does come in handy when you are boondocking! It allows you to easily go get more water. You just need a pump and a hose!

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